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The origins: Forging of Steel products, Campolin & Beltrame.
Foundation of ISTAL: machine processing of the Blade with 5 spindles, profile copying Starrag-Rigid.
Installation of the 35.000kgm ERIE Hammer
Certification according to ISO9001:1994 standard.
First numerical control workstation, Starrag NX255 5 spindles.
Management change: the origin of C*Blade.
New high speed workstations: 1 Starrag HX251, 2 Starrag Heckert CWK, 6 CB Ferrari.
Innovation in the process: from manual preforming to automatized preforming with introduction of the preforming press with numerical control.
Ready to Fit Blades:
Machining of the root for Gas Compressor Blades and machining of the fir tree root for Steam Turbine Blades.
Analysis of frequencies and weight moment balancing.
Certification according to ISO9001:2000 standard.
Enlargement of the Forging building with installation of 50.000 kgm (110.000lb) PENSOTTI Hammer.
New heat treatment furnaces and purchase of 2 CB Ferrari workstations for bigger Blades.
Introduction of Forging simulation.
Introduction of lean-manufacturing.
Machining of the finger root for Steam Turbine Blades.
Acquisition by Riello Investimenti SGR Spa.
Enlargement of the Machining building and re-design of layout.
New heat treatment furnace for big blades.
C*Blade becomes part of SIFCO Group
and starts its journey in the Aerospace business.

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C*Blade S.p.a. was established from the merger by acquisition of two companies: Campolin & Beltrame S.p.a. and ISTAL S.r.l. both situated in Maniago (Pordenone) Italy. Our activity started in 1963 with the Forging of Steel products. A few years later the company entered the Power Generation market with the production of Forged Turbine Blades.

The manufacturing of Turbine Blades

At that time machine tools with specific technologies didn't exist. The Blades were manufactured through Precision Forging with difficult manual preforming and Hot Forging phases and with a great manual work of control, straightening and grinding between the production phases.

Turbine Blades are nowadays manufactured through preforming in a 4-axis automatic preforming line and Envelope Forging in our powerful Hammers. The Forged pieces are then heat treated/straightened and then Machined in our CNC workcenters. The finishing is carried out with automatic grinding on the airfoils and manual grinding for the root platforms and tip. Numerous Quality Controls follow all the process to ensure a uniform Blade production quality.

In the last years, globalization has imposed a competition with the entire world and above all with emerging countries, which have a low labour cost. Our company has taken the decision to compete by raising the cultural level of its personnel through research and a series of technological innovations with the aim to maximize the value for the customer.

In 2003 C*Blade has obtained the certification according ISO 9001:2000 standard, and started to deliver Ready To Fit Blades with analysis of frequencies, weight moment balancing and also other operations like shot peening and hardening.

In 2008 C*Blade has adopted a FEM system for the simulation of hot plastic deformation of materials in closed die Forging in order to optimize the Forging process and prevent all kinds of defects induced by material flow.

In 2009 C*Blade has decided to start the implementation of Lean Manufacturing in its production process, in order to enhance its competitiveness.

After more than 50 years of experience, C*Blade is recognized as a leader in the production of Forged Turbine Blades and supplies all the major OEMs, worldwide.

Recent developments

Since 2015 C*Blade is leveraging the SIFCO group centennial experience and its highly qualified technicians with the aim to become a major partner in the forging and machining of aerospace components.

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Turbine Blades

C*Blade S.p.a. a SIFCO Industries company
Registered Office Via Genova 1, 33085 Maniago (PN) ITALY
Register of Companies of Pordenone 73282
Fiscal Code and VAT number IT 01391770938
Company under control of SIFCO Industries Inc.

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